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Contact us through the form below if you’d like to place your ads on our site.
Ads must be graphic image ads, and will be displayed in the side column on the right.
You can choose to display your ad on all pages, or only on specific pages within the site.

Here are our rates, pick the one that suits you most:

  • Package A:
    Cost per 1000 views (CPM): 10$
    This means that when the pages containing your banner ad receive 1000 views, we charge 10$. Views are counted whenever a website visitor lands on a page containing your ad. This means if a visitor clicks on one page containing your ad then clicks another page also containing your ad, these are counted as 2 views.
  • Package B:
    Cost per Click (CPC): 2$
    This means that we charge 2$ every time someone clicks on your ad.
  • Package C:
    Monthly rent: Negotiable
    This is a fixed flat monthly fee irrespective of page views.

You can pick the package that you find suitable.

Ad Format:
The ad has to be a jpg or png image with a width of 211px and a height between 157px and 445px.

The current available banner is 211x157px, but you don’t have to stick to this height.
You are to provide us with the image, or we can design one for you for a certain fee depending on requirements (usually between $50 – $150).

You can also submit a review for free. Submitted reviews must comply with our standards and guidelines in order to be accepted.

Feel free to inquire or if you have any questions.
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