Best Hairdresser in Dubai

We have tried several Lebanese, British, Filipino and Indian hairdressers and hair salons in search of the best hairdresser in Dubai. If you are looking for the best hairdresser in Dubai, here are a few simple rules.

You are the most important person there. You want someone who will listen to you. It’s so frustrating to ask for something very specific and still come out looking like someone else altogether. We need to keep in mind they are not miracle workers and are only capable of so much.

Consider cost in your search for the best hairdresser. The most expensive isn’t always the best, nor is the least expensive. If you are only looking for a trim or a basic cut, it might be nice to consider the lesser experiences hairdresser to give them practice and boost their status. It’s almost always easier on the budget. If cost is not a worry, you still want to find someone who will listen and try to achieve what you are looking for in a hair style. If it’s weekly or monthly maintenance, it’s always nice to find a hairdresser you trust and return to often.There is a great deal of security and comfort to be had in finding the perfect person as your hairdresser.

If it’s dying or styling you want, the best way to find these experts is to ask your friends and co-workers. people tend to be very loyal to their hairdresser, not unlike a medical professional. Sometimes certain people excel at certain tasks, so it’s helpful to know.

Also, just going to the person that’s closest isn’t very practical if you want something specific. The shop that serves cappuccino or wine and plays music and treats you like a movie star might be nice as a treat but it can be really expensive and not always the desired results.

Searching for the best hairdresser in Dubai can be daunting, but don’t despair, keep trying and you will find the best one for you!

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