Best Lounge in Dubai

What do you think the best lounge in Dubai is? It all depends on how you expect a lounge to be. Here’s what we think the best lounge in Dubai is.

Whether you are entertaining clients, looking for a quiet drink after work or taking visitors out for an after dinner nightcap, the best lounge you can find might be best nightcap to a perfect evening.

A lounge typically is somewhat quiet with a relaxed atmosphere where people are able to talk to each other without shouting. People can enjoy an array of high-end cocktails and maybe soft music or even someone playing a piano there. Unlike a bar or nightclub, the patrons at a lounge tend to be more mature with a need for peace and comfort.

Many lounges may offer light meals or appetizers, but their main attraction is the comfortable peaceful atmosphere they provide. Usually lounges are a part of a hotel or airport. The meaning of the word “lounge” is “relax”. The best lounge won’t be crowded or loud and likely not offer cheap beer on tap, dart boards or fish and chips.

Of course, not all lounges are the same. Some do offer meals, but as a rule, much more than a burger and fries. You won’t find loud music or dancing and you won’t find yourself trying to perch upon a bar stool. Big comfortable cushy chairs and couches, low tables, soft music and lighting are what you can expect.

If you are visiting a lounge for the first time, it might be wise to call ahead and ask about a few things. For example ask if they allow smoking in case you or your guests wish to smoke or would like to avoid smoking areas. If you think you might like snacks or small nibbles, ask if they provide it and if they have a cutoff time when their kitchen closes.

The best lounge in Dubai is a place with the perfect atmosphere for that low-key business meeting, after work cocktail or just a place to unwind by yourself after a tiring day or before a flight.


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