Best Property Management Software – Product Comparison Review

Best Property Management Software
Best Property Management Software

In search of the best property management software, we tested, evaluated, and compared 10 of the most popular online property management software out there. As our assessment criteria, the things we looked out for were the software’s design, features, ease of use, pricing, and customer support. With all the products and solutions out there, it can be quite overwhelming and confusing to decide what software to go for, so we hope this product comparison review article helps you find and choose the best property management software for your needs as a professional property manager. Here’s a look at the 10 best property management software solutions in random order: 


With its frequent and constant evolution, RAY is establishing itself as one of the most versatile and capable property management solutions out there. 

Pros: It has a modern design and is easy to use. It contains the largest amount of features, including some features that other products don’t have, such as visitor admission management, services management, operations management, and delivery management. Its pricing is among the most affordable.

Cons: Some secondary features such as accounting are still under development, but that’s not a problem since you can integrate RAY with external accounting systems.


One of the most popular property management software, known for its advanced features.

Pros: Its design is modern, has some advanced features, and is easy to use. 

Cons: Even though its advanced features distinguish it, Appfolio lacks important features such as a property marketplace and tenant screening. Also, its pricing model is not too flexible, and has a minimum monthly fee that can get expensive. 


One of the older property management software, established in 2004. 

Pros: It offers communication channels between property managers and tenants. All the necessary training regarding the software is provided for property managers and tenants.

Cons: Its price is not flexible and is a bit costly for small businesses. The software can sometimes be slow and complicated to use.

Yardi Breeze

One of the products of the large, well-known company, Yardi Systems.

Pros: Their software has a modern look. Their chat feature offers real-time assistance when facing any issues, or looking for guidance. 

Cons: Their features are somewhat complicated relative to other property management software, making it not very user-friendly.

Rentec Direct

A property management software known for having good customer service.

Pros: They provide property managers with their own free websites to promote their property listings. They have a 1099 e-filing system to complete all the necessary taxing processes. 

Cons: Their accounting capabilities are built-in and can be limiting. The software can also be a bit slow, which is inconvenient for busy property managers. 


Offers a society management system that connects your community.

Pros: The application’s design is nice and covers all the day-to-day needs. They also have a good customer support team.

Cons: It’s missing quite a few important features such as digital leasing, property management, and the option to pay rent online. It does not have all the functionalities that are listed on their website, and the app may be too complex for the average user.


Productivity tools for agents, developers and property managers

Pros: It’s user-friendly and their support team is quite responsive. They are constantly adding new features. 

Cons: It’s missing some key features such as viewing and booking management, inspection management, visitor admission management, and others. In addition to that, the product is not customizable, and not all promoted features are present on their mobile app.


One of the newer players in property management.

Pros: Its application is user-friendly and has a nice design. They also offer multi-currency support, in addition to offering their services in French, German, and Spanish.

Cons: They have a couple of missing features such as viewing and booking management, inspections management, visitors admission management, and others. Moreover, bank transactions need to be entered manually one-by-one, and they don’t have an auto-import feature yet.

Landlord Vision

Mostly targeted towards residential landlords.

Pros: They have a very responsive support team. You are able to manage multiple portfolios from a single account. Any mistakes made could easily be fixed, and they have very helpful tutorials for using the product.

Cons: Product is too complex and has a high learning curve. It’s also missing important features such as viewing and booking management, inspections management, and others.


A cross-platform property management software that was launched in 2012.

Pros: It has great maintenance features and a responsive customer support team.

Cons: It’s too complex, and its financial feature is a bit tricky to use. It has a couple of missing features like inspections management, visitors admission management, and booking management.

The Verdict

Many of the above property management software solutions are quite good. It’s a very tough call to determine what the best property management software is, but if we had to make a choice, we’d definitely pick RAY. The reason for that is because it provides the most value for its price; it’s the most feature-rich solution, it’s easy to use, it’s highly versatile and customizable, and it has excellent customer support, making it the most complete property management solution out there for all types of property managers. 

The above image is a product feature comparison table showing why we chose RAY as the best property management software.

We’d love to hear from you, so let us know what you think the best property management software is. 

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