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In search of the best site to sell digital products online internationally, we tried out several sites. These websites are not a payment gateway or processor, they are digital product delivery websites. They just offer the service of automatically making your digital product available for download, or sending it by email to the buyer. They use external payment gateways and processors such as Paypal, and others. But since Paypal and other payment solutions aren’t available in all countries, we are searching for the best solution to sell digital products internationally. We’re looking for a solution where buyers can buy from any country, and seller can receive and withdraw their earnings from any country. Here are the results we found while testing these digital product delivery websites:

  • E-Junkie: Has a monthly subscription fee (starting 5$ with 50MB storage space). Uses Paypal,, and 2Checkout. Looks old and dated.
  • FetchApp: Free for 1MB of storage space. If more storage is needed, has a monthly subscription fee (starting 5$ with 25MB storage space). Uses Paypal, Google Checkout, and some paid cart & e-commerce solutions.
  • DPD: Monthly subscription fee (starting 10$ with 1GB storage space). Uses Paypal,, and Stripe.
  •  Pulley: Monthly subscription fee (starting 6$ with 100MB storage space). Uses Paypal.
  • Zapier: Different, technical, you have to set it up… Choose payment method, action, and create a “zap”, which is an automatic action. Free for 5 Zaps, where Zaps run every 15 minutes, with a limit of 100 tasks/month. Other plans starting $15 per month. Uses Paypal, Dwolla, Stripe, & Paymill… all of which are US only.
  • Content Shelf: Free for 25MB of storage space.  If more storage is needed, has a monthly subscription fee (starting 14$ with 1GB storage space). Uses  Paypal,, 2Checkout, Stripe, & TrustCommerce. Gives you a good looking customizable store front with many features. Only con is that you can’t disable PayPal as a payment option in the free plan.
  • Sellfy: Paypal, Stripe, Paymill, 5% per transaction
  • Payloadz: 20% per transaction, or $15 per month + (4.9%+$0.49) per transaction. Uses PayPal, Amazon Payments, TrialPay, & 2Checkout, but only PayPal is available for free plan.
  • Digital Goods Store: Charges a percentage per transaction (starting 5%). Uses Paypal.
  • BlueSnap: It’s a payment processor,  international  (payout by wire transfer or other methods). Charges 2.9% + 30cents per transaction. Doesn’t work for all countries.
  • Payspree: Charges fixed fees per transaction: free up to $4.99, $1 for transactions between $5 & $19.99, and $2 for transactions $20 and above. Uses PayPal, AlertPay & Moneybookers (Skrill). Looks old and dated. Doesn’t give you a storefront, jut gives you a link that connects you with the payment gateway you selected (for example when you click the buy button you’ll be taken to a Skrill payment page).
  • Sell Downloads Easy: Monthly subscription fee (starting 5$ with 100MB storage space). Uses Paypal, Google Checkout & Moneybookers (Skrill).

Verdict: The best site to sell digital products online internationally for free is Content Shelf.The runner up would be Payspree. They both have a free or transaction based fee, and use earning withdrawal methods that are available for all countries.  Let us know what you think.

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