Best Wedding Planner in Dubai

Looking for the best wedding planner in Dubai? We have attended tens of weddings, and only three or four of them stood out so we asked about the wedding planners behind those memorable weddings. So with all the wedding planners out there, who’s the best wedding planner in Dubai? Let’s find out.

For many people, their wedding is the biggest, best day of their lives. Planning a wedding, as many will attest, is no small feat. Many find the entire process overwhelming and extremely stressful. But to blindly hand the reins over to someone else, in particular someone you don’t know can be extremely daunting.

So what does it take to be The best wedding planner in Dubai?

Well, first you have to look at your needs. You need to know how many people will be attending. You also have to account for extras and also people who don’t show at the last minute. Indoors, outdoors? Big banquet, small cafeteria style?

Cost is always a major issue. Many people want more than their budget will allow. A good planner will know who to stretch your dollar to get what you want.

The wedding venue is important. Decorations are just as important as the band. It will need accommodate all your guests comfortably, plus the band, their equipment and still have room for the dance floor.

Food, hotels, cars, open bar, gifts, and is there a daycare provided for the little ones? Who is the photographer and do they have any special needs like space or lighting requirements? The catering and feed needs are a big issue as well, so be sure to vigilant.

The best wedding planner in Dubai will have all of those answers or know how to get them. They will take all your worries, toss them in a top hat and pull out all the answers to ensure your perfect day is just that… perfect!

Start your list early and give yourself plenty of time to start the adventure of finding the best wedding planner in Dubai!

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