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Lebanese Night Traffic DSL Ads Comparison: Terranet, Cyberia, IDM 

Recently, we have noticed several different new ads for the new ADSL services in Lebanon, and each ad takes a different advertising approach. The first of the DSL ads we’re featuring is for the Terranet company, which has recently launched a new service of ADSL high speed internet that doubles speed at night. The ad was created to spread awareness of this new service.

The ad consists of a sign resembling that of a typical strip club, the “ADSXL” are illustrated in neon lights with an emphasis on the “X”. The phrase “super fast night” is underneath, and a smaller sign below dictates the hours of service mimicking the opening hours of the place.

When a person first sees the ad he would assume it is for a super night club, this is the hook that works on attracting viewers because sex sells and it also provokes curiosity since super night ads are usually not allowed in the majority of areas. When a person looks and reads the ad further, it takes a different meaning; a person realizes that it’s an ad for an internet connection service rather than a super night club.

The ad works on attracting young and active individuals, mainly the typical majority of youth in Lebanon, by delivering a connotation of something they are familiar with. The stressing on the “X” and “super night” are phrases or images very common in Lebanon. The denotation however is that of an internet service, and has absolutely nothing to do with a super night club, but because of the good attention or attraction this hook provides, the ad is considered a good successful functional one.

On the other hand Cyberia, who are also offering a similar service, are approaching the matter differently. Their ad shows a wolf and the moon connoting night time. The hours of double speed service are shown on a clock dial around the moon, where each of the moon’s two edges marks the time, making it less clear compared to the Terranet ad where the time is stated directly in the form of a sign. The ad also follows in the shoes of the mother company, where the colors and atmosphere are alike; it uses a similar color palette to the Cyberia corporate colors, unlike Terranet where one would not guess that it belongs to that company unless they see the Terranet logo. The ad is direct and straight to the point, connoting the time then the service. However, the ad shows no distinctive features and will most probably be forgotten unlike the more humorous and clever ad of Terranet.

Another of the night traffic DSL ads is that of IDM. Their ad uses a mascot character, a space creature. The character looks somewhat humorous and fun, making him a recognizable figure. The background is black representing the night. The character has his finger pointed as if he is clicking. The text is direct and simple, directly denoting the service, similar to Cyberia’s ad. Also like Cyberia’s ad, the ad is direct and straight to the point. However, the ad also shows no distinctive features, and will probably be forgotten, except for the visual of their mascot character maybe.

In conclusion, although the Cyberia and IDM ads are direct and straight forward, they are weaker than that of Terranet in terms of attractive meaningful denotations and connotations, and have no real hook. The best of these DSL ads would be the Terranet ad since it has the more essential elements that are required to make it a good or interesting one, such as connoting and denoting elements, as well as a good attractive hook and a memorable effect. People are most likely to remember it the most.

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