Escape The Barn Walkthrough

This is the Escape The Barn walkthrough for the Escape The Barn level of the game Escape the Challenge by Voidkiller Studios. The level was also released as a standalone Flash game. The level can be played on Newgrounds, and the full game can be purchased from

Text walkthrough is followed by a video walkthrough…


Escape The Barn Walkthrough:

Go right, take the saw, go right again and take the leafblower. Go left, use the leafblower on the haystack to scatter it and take the key. Use the key on the wooden closet to open it. Take the bag from inside. Use the bag on the piled haystack to fill the bag with it. Click the note in the cabinet to read the hint: “By hook or by crook” with a clockwise arrow. From left to right, notice the number of hooks on each wall or side in the room. There are 3 hooks on the left side where the saw was, there are 2 hooks near the cabinet + 2 hooks inside it, which makes 4 hooks in total, and to the right there the 1 hook of the wooden fence. The lock combination of the door is 341. Go to the locked red door and use that combo to remove the chain. Use the saw on the wooden plank to remove it, and open the door. Go to the next room, turn right, click the hook of the wooden fence to open the fence, and click the ladder to climb up. Use the filled haybag on the road to empty the hay there. Go back down to the barn through the hatch, use the leafblower on the scattered hay to form a haystack, use the bag on the haystack to fill it, go back up to the roof, and use the filled bag on the hay that you previously dumped in order to stack more hay onto it. Get more hay from the barn and dump it 2 more times until you’ve stacked enough hay so that it’s safe to jump on it. Once you’ve done that, click the big haystack that you just made to jump on it and win the game.

Here’s the Escape The Barn video walkthrough:

Here’s a screenshot of the game:

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