Escape the Office Walkthrough

This is the walkthrough for the Flash game Escape the Office (also known as Escape The New Office) by Karim Muhtar. Escape the Office is an escape the room type of puzzle game where you have to find objects and use them in order to find a way to escape the office. The game can be played on this link:


Escape the Office Walkthrough:
Get the napkin, use it to wipe the fingerprint machine, click it, it unlocks first door. The outer door is still locked. Get the adapter plug from the dysfunctional socket, get the cell phone from the open drawer, move all the papers right and get the key from under them, use it to open the other drawer, get the charger. Click the notepad, it says the password is a birthday in the format “ddmddm”, click the calendar on the wall, click the upper page to view august, you’ll notice a cake on Aug 19th, so that’s the birthday, use password 198198 to access the PC, open the documents, then open credentials, you’ll get the mobile’s PIN. Use adapter plug on the charger, and use the charger on the cell phone, then use them all on the functional socket to charge it. Click the phone, enter the PIN, look at the contacts, and note the number of the concierge  (107704). Use the land phone to call that number. It will be busy the first time you try, wait a few seconds and call again. He will unlock the outer door. Use the fingerprint machine and open the first door, and you’ll notice that the outer door was unlocked and you can now open it and click to escape.

Here’s a screenshot from the game:



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