Facebook vs Hi5

Remember the social network Hi5?! It was one of the most popular social networks before Facebook. And the term “social network” wasn’t even commonly used at the time. Then Facebook was born and Hi5 died. Some of you may argue that Myspace was the most popular social network before Facebook.. but the truth is Myspace was mainly popular in the USA, while Hi5 was international. So what happened? What caused the fall of Hi5? Is Facebook solely responsible for that? Perhaps. Let’s take a closer look at Facebook vs Hi5. When you think about it… there are 3 reasons you can find for the fall of Hi5. 1st, Facebook emphasized the legitimacy of its user accounts by emphasizing using your real pics as profile pics and using real account info. Facebook also required a real .edu email to be able to join. Hi5 on the other hand contained a LOT of fakes accounts, fake profile pics, and spammers. The second reason is that Facebook introduced apps, which was a big fun innovation at the time. And the final reason for the superiority of Facebook vs Hi5 is the simplicity of Facebook’s design and the organization of the profile layouts. I guess these were the main reasons for the fall of Hi5… what do you guys think? Give us your thoughts on Facebook vs Hi5.

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Check out the new revamped Hi5: http://www.hi5.com

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