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Accomplished Lebanese artist, Lamia Saab Muhtar, has evidently achieved countless milestones in her life using her refined talent and expertise. Holding degrees in Fine Arts and Advertising from “BUC,” her education in Lebanon has opened opportunities for her in several occupations. Lamia has taught Art for 25 years to children and adults, trained aspiring teachers, and presented several workshops in various locations. She has also worked as an art consultant, director, and art therapist. Moreover, Lebanese artist Lamia Saab Muhtar has participated in two solo exhibitions and countless group exhibitions, all of which occurred in various locations such as Beirut, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

Currently a freelancer, Lamia’s extensive experience in a broad spectrum of fields as a Lebanese artist is impressive, and will undoubtedly lead to further success. Her travels have influenced her works, and she applies her worldly view into her art using vivid colors and varied styles. Her artwork can be viewed in further detail here at www.lamiasaabmuhtar.com, an online gallery and store that neatly displays her collection of diverse works. Her website is just as bright and lively as her art, which solidly represents the energy she emanates. It is easy to navigate, simple, informative, and welcomes visitors with a warm and friendly touch. And as a renowned Lebanese artist, people from all around the globe admire her art, so there is even a convenient option that changes the price of each piece to three different currencies that include the Euro, Pound, and Dollar.

Lamia’s visionary style of art mainly consists of acrylic paintings, wooden items, mixed media collages, and personalized gifts for various occasions and age groups. Everything, of course, is hand painted and hand crafted. Her paintings are colorful, bold, and tasteful. Her mixed media collages are textured with various different materials that make them innovative, unique, and wildly creative. The detail and precision that go into her enchanting works truly encompass the effort, attention to detail, and steady hand that accentuate her polished finesse as a Lebanese artist. It also shows that she puts a lot of herself into each and every individual piece. Lamia’s works reflect her own cultural heritage with character, diversity, and talent.

Interested readers can refer to Lamia’s website to learn about the additional services she provides and the latest updates on her artistic endeavors. They can also learn much more about the Lebanese artist and view her multiple works. Visit Lamia’s website or “Lamia’s Online Shop” at www.lamiasaabmuhtar.com.

You can also like the Facebook page of Lamia’s Online Shop in order to follow her latest updates: www.facebook.com/LamiasOnlineShop.


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