Nokia N8 Review

The Nokia N8 is the top flagship smartphone from Nokia in 2011. It was made to catch up and compete with the top smartphones of other brands. Its OS might not be as polished and fancy as the iOS, it might not be as fast as Android, but as a phone, it is in my opinion the best looking one physically… it actually looks different from all the other regular rounded rectangle phones… and its best feature is its camera. It has a 12MP cam, and is capable of taking HD video. Make sure your OS is upgraded to Symbian Belle because it’s the latest and best version of the Symbian OS.

Here’s a quick brief review about the Nokia N8:


  • Looks great, different from the other lame phones
  • The best image and video quality
  • Lots of free apps from Ovistore
  • Sturdy and heavy duty
  • Best price for value: brand new at around 310$ only


  • There are some bugs in OS
  • Battery quickly runs out when using wifi

Overall rating:  8/10

Verdict: The Nokia N8 is the best cheap smartphone you can get. It’s the current best Nokia smartphone, and it’s selling at a very competitive price, giving you the best value for your money… definitely worth getting if you’re on a tight budget, and definitely the phone to get if you’re into taking photos and video.

You can buy a Nokia N8 from Amazon:




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