What Ever Happened to Aldukan.com?

The below article was written back in 2003 when aldukan.com was still new and promising. I never heard of that site again, nor did I ever bother to check if it still existed until now; more than 10 years later! No, it no longer exists. I wonder what went wrong… Was is too early and “new” for its time? Or did it run into financial or technical problems? Please let us know in the comments if you’ve got any insights.

Here’s the article from 2003:

www.aldukan.com Review

Aldukan.com is a storefront e-commerce model. It’s a click and mortar business.

The site “acts as the venue for sellers to sell items and for buyers to purchase items”, and offers a variety of goods (food/music/videos).

It has shopping cart technology, and also has a facility for order tracking.

The site has a good domain name that is easy to remember. The only thing people might want to be sure of (if they heard of the website by word of mouth) is the spelling of “dukan” (dou or du) and if there’s anything (al-) after the “al”.

The web design is good because everything is ordered in tabs that we can click on, and there’s a search facility. The only thing that might confuse the viewer at first is the combination of food and music or videos on the same website!?

Furthermore, the site uses new technology, so customers can order online, and pay using credit card. It also seems to be safe according to the privacy and security disclaimer that the website offers.

It’s impressive to see that we have such a business in Lebanon. If everything works well for the site, we hope that it expands its businesses to include a more diverse variety of goods, so we can have something like a Lebanese “amazon.com”.



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