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Yardi Alternative
Yardi Alternative

Even though Yardi offers some of the most popular and advanced property management systems out there, many property managers are looking for a Yardi alternative that is simpler and more tailored to specific needs of theirs. 

Why Are Property Managers Looking for Yardi Alternatives?

As previously mentioned, Yardi is well-known for its property management software solutions, but it also has its share of disadvantages. Yardi’s software features are relatively complicated when comparing it to other property management software solutions on the market, such as Appfolio, Buildium, RAY and others. User-friendliness is quite an important factor in property management software, since this software was made with the intent to ease the work of property managers. If the software system itself is difficult to use, many property managers would opt for other easier-to-use solutions. Due to Yardi’s system being complex, and having a fairly high learning curve, many property managers are exploring simpler Yardi alternatives.

A List of Some Notable Yardi Alternatives

Here’s a list of user-friendly Yardi alternatives that we’ve compiled:


The first Yardi alternative to look at when it comes to property management software would be Appfolio. Now, Appfolio is a very well-known property management solution, due to having a variety of advanced features and being one of the pioneers in the market. Having a modern design aided the software to be user-friendly. Thus, when looking at it from a usability perspective, Appfolio would be a good Yardi alternative; however, it has some disadvantages. 

When comparing Appfolio to newer property management software, that will later be discussed, we can see that it has some missing features and capabilities. One of the features is a property marketplace: a place for property managers to list available properties. In addition to that, it’s missing a tenant screening feature. Property managers want to know if the potential tenants that will be renting are the ideal candidates and will be able to pay their rent. Appfolio’s pricing model is quite rigid; the model is designed based on a minimum monthly fee, which in time would accumulate and become a high expense cost. 


The second Yardi alternative to discuss would be Buildium, which is also one of the first to offer property management solutions on the market. It offers seamless communication channels between property managers and their tenants. It provides plenty of tutorials for its property management software, for both property managers and tenants. 

Nonetheless, Buildium suffers from the same misfortune as Appfolio, which is their price inflexibility. Buildium can be very costly especially when it comes to small businesses or property managers that are just starting out. Buildium’s property management software is slow sometimes, which is not ideal for property managers that are using this software to save some time. In addition to that, the software is complex and needs some time to learn. Even though they provide the tutorials, this could be a bit more time consuming then some property managers would like.


ADDA is another Yardi alternative. ADDA started out a bit later than Buildium and Appfolio did. ADDA offers a society and community management platform. It helps connect all the people in the community, including property managers and tenants. The application’s design is pleasant and covers most needs for daily tasks. ADDA also offers on its platform a place where community members can post pictures and connect with one another. They have a notable customer support team.

Nevertheless, it has several missing features as well… for instance, the option to pay rent online, digital leasing, and some major property management features. However, their system can be integrated with others and as a result can be a Yardi alternative. It also has a few functionalities missing on its application when comparing it to what’s listed on their website. Despite the application’s design being nice, the application itself could be confusing for an average user.


One of the best Yardi alternatives as a property management solution is RAY. RAY is a newer player when it comes to property management software, however it can definitely compete with the other giants in the industry. Due to its constant and continuous progression to prove its position among top competitors, it has proven itself as one of the most flexible and capable property management systems on the market.

RAY’s application design is sleek and modern, in addition to being extremely user-friendly. It contains many key features that previous Yardi alternatives do not, such as leasing and invoicing, online payments, managing visitors’ admissions and more. In addition to that, it has some unique features; for example, move in and move out request management, delivery management, the ability to rent and manage bookable spaces/amenities, and on-demand custom services. RAY also allows for subscription payments, and the system can be integrated with any external accounting system out there. Moreover, RAY has a  pleasantly responsive customer support team, for any clarifications or inquiries that might be needed.

RAY has most of the major features that a property manager needs. RAY is known to be frequently updated, and is always evolving and adding new useful features. RAY is also quite customizable, and is offered at a very affordable competitive price. 

Conclusion: What is the best Yardi alternative?

To conclude, the best Yardi alternative we’d recommend trying is RAY, since it’s the most feature-rich, user-friendly, and affordable option out of all the above alternatives. It has all the key features that property managers need, and some additional features that property managers can make use of to maximize property revenue as well. Let us know what you think, and feel free to suggest some additional alternatives if you think you’ve got some other products worth checking out. 

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