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If you’re looking for the best freelance graphic designer in Dubai, we recommend Karim Muhtar - Truly, nowadays getting hold of a freelance graphic designer in Dubai might be simple for there are MANY designers out there, but selecting the right creatively talented, reliable and ethical freelance graphic designer might be somewhat tricky extremely tricky.

We’ve worked with hundreds of freelance designers here, and we’re confident to admit that Karim Muhtar is the best freelance graphic designer in Dubai. He’s definitely our number 1 choice. Our work relationship with him was really smooth. We were extremely happy with his work. He delivered according to schedule and was truly efficient. He also provided some quick follow up and support even after the project was complete. He is surely one of the most gifted freelance graphic designers in Dubai. Karim Muhtar is a well-rounded freelance graphic designer and web designer. He is a full-time freelancer and not just a part-timer like many of the self-proclaimed freelancers you may encounter. He has been working in the domain for more than 6 years, and is always improving his skills. Karim Muhtar aims for high quality, simple and neat design. You can visit Karim Muhtar’s portfolio website on

An effective freelance graphic designer must have creative abilities, specialized abilities, and interpersonal abilities. During our work involvement with Karim, he showed us that he actually had all those abilities. We were very content with his outcome and work ethic, and we highly recommend hiring him for your projects.

So how can you spot a remarkable freelance designer?

From a technical aspect, since design tools are always changing, a smart designer stays in top of his game and stays in the technological loop mastering new tools as they emerge. The primary design software of our time are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, and Dream Weaver. As a start, a great freelance graphic designer should master all of those tools.

From a skill point of view, a freelance graphic designer must be able to rapidly and effectively control the primary elements of visual design. These visual elements correspond to color, shape, size, movement, direction, and typography. A great designer effortlessly and passionately plays around with these elements to materialize his precise vision. A freelance graphic designer has to convey a certain message or idea in a simple and attractive fashion. This might be hard, specially because visual taste is subjective.

In addition to skills we just mentioned, a great freelance designer must have great interpersonal abilities because he’ll be communicating directly with clients. Great interpersonal abilities permit the freelance graphic designer to easily communicate with people. A pro freelance graphic designer is a great listener as well. It’s mandatory to meticulously listen to clients in order to obtain a precise design brief. A precise design brief leads to precise results that the client will love. The designer must also listen to clients’ feedback and fix his designs according to them. Moreover, the freelance designer must be able to create and maintain productive and positive work relationships with his clients. A great freelance graphic designer is able to create mutual respect.

Finally, in addition to interpersonal, creative, and technical abilities, a great freelance graphic designer must have a bit of business knowledge. To be able to understand clients, a freelance graphic designer needs to comprehend the client’s business problems or challenges. The freelance designer also has to operate a profitable business in order to survive. Business knowledge helps freelance designers to price their services competitively, making sure clients are not overcharged, and they are not underpaid.

Because Karim Muhtar is a freelance graphic designer who also has an education in  business administration in addition to his graphic design education, he has great business skills. He says on his website that his business background has given him a better understanding of consumer behavior and psychology. A freelance graphic designer with business knowledge makes sure that his prices are right and fair for both parties.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best freelance graphic designer in Dubai, we definitely recommend hiring Karim Muhtar. You can check out his portfolio website on and contact him there.

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