Escape The Snow Storm Walkthrough

This is the walkthrough for the Flash game Escape The Snow Storm by Karim Muhtar. Escape The Snow Storm is an escape the room type of puzzle game where you have to find objects and use them in order to find a way to escape a log cabin during a snow storm. The game can be played on this link:


Escape The Snow Storm Walkthrough:  

Take the coat hanger from above the bed, then click the lower left side of the bed blankets to lift them, and click the metal box to pull it out and open it. Take the pliers and the tape from the metal box. Go to the sink and take the frozen water glass with the knife stuck in it from the sink. Use the pliers on the stuck cabinet door to open it, and take the matches from inside it. Take the dust pan from the fireplace side and use it on the tinder to pick some up. Take the log from behind the tinder box and place it in the microwave. Click the microwave to turn it on and wait until the microwave is done. Take the log from the microwave and place it in the fireplace because it’s dry. Use the dust pan with the tinder on the log, and use the matches to light up the fireplace. Use the frozen glass and knife on the fireplace to melt the water and free the knife. Use either the knife or the coat hanger to open the box, and take the tied ski equipment out. Use the knife to cut the ropes and free the ski equipment, then take the two ski poles. Use the pliers on the two ski poles to remove the ski pole baskets from them. Use one ski pole on the other to align them, then use the pliers on the coat hanger to straighten it into a metal wire. Use the tape on the aligned ski poles to tape them together and make them sturdy, then use the dust pan on them to align it with them, and use the metal wire on the aligned combination to tie them together and make a sturdy shovel. Open the door and use the shovel on the snow a few times and you can now escape the log cabin and escape the snow storm!

Here’s a screenshot from the game:


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