Best Pub in Dubai

What is the best pub in Dubai? And where is it located? Marina? Irish Village? JLT? There are many pubs in Dubai that’s for sure. Here’s our favorite.

Let’s go to the pub! Whether you want to have casual drinks with friends, go on a date, celebrate a birthday or take show your foreign visitors around, you want to go to the best pub in Dubai.

The best pub in Dubai would be a pub that has a great fun atmosphere and great friendly staff who know your name and what you like to drink. They make you feel welcome. You know the staff and many of the regulars. The pub may have live music or bands on a regular basis. It may have weekly food specials like fish and chips, burgers, curly fries or steak sandwiches. The pub might even have a TV screen so you can watch your favorite sporting events there.

The best pub in Dubai will always have the best crowd. Be it across town or just your local pub, it’s the best place to gather with friends to have fun or just relax. It’s a great way to meet new people, whether you are new or someone just moved to the neighborhood. Nothing relaxes people more than perching on a bar stool and having a good chat over a few pints of your favorite ale. The best pub in Dubai always has the best music.

The best pub will be relaxed, casual and a lot of fun. You may be able to play trivia, pool or the weekly pub quiz. It’s a place to have a few drinks and get a bit loud if you want to. No one gets too upset if you spill your drink or knock the ketchup over on to the floor.

The food is pub food, comfort food that everyone loves and people can just pop down to the pub and know they will find a friend or make a new one. The best pub in Dubai has a wide range of entertainment and has fabulous local beer on tap. Relax, enjoy and have fun in the best pub in Dubai.

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