Escape The 3D Printing Lab Walkthrough

This is the Escape The 3D Printing Lab walkthrough for the Flash game Escape The 3D Printing Lab by Karim Muhtar. Escape The 3D Printing Lab is an escape the room type of puzzle game where you have to find objects and use them in order to find a way to escape the 3D printing lab. The game can be played on Newgrounds.


Escape The 3D Printing Lab Walkthrough:  

Take the key piece from the floor near the door, then open the cupboard and take the tape. Go left, take the light grey modeling clay. Go left and press the switch on the wall to raise the blue screen and you’ll see colors, these refer to the books, you will need them for the pc password. Go back to the door side and switch the light off. Go back to the blue screen side and you can now see a number glowing in the dark, + the colors + the number of vases. Each colors corresponds to the order number of the book of that color. So the PC password is  56087 (because it’s 55924 + 158  + 5). Turn the light back on and log onto the pc using the password. Click the 3d Studio icon, open, and go to resources > tools > pliers. Press print, take the 3d printed pliers’ pieces, and use them on each other to create the pliers. Use the pliers on the key piece that’s stuck in the door to get it. Use 1 key piece on the other to connect the key, and use the tape on them to tape them together. Use the modeling clay on the taped key so you have a base, then place the constructed key on the 3d scanner. Use the pc, 3d studio > scan > print, and take the green plastic printed key. Use the green 3D printed key on the door to unlock it and win the game.

Here’s a screenshot from the game:


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