Escape The Studio Walkthrough

This is the Escape The Studio walkthrough for the Flash game Escape The Studio by Karim Muhtar. Escape The Studio is an escape the room type of puzzle game where you have to find objects and use them in order to find a way to escape the recording studio . The game can be played on Newgrounds.


Escape The Studio Walkthrough:  

Go to the couch, click the right seat cushion to raise it and take the key from under it. Notice the poster on the wall. “777” is the pc password. Open the pc, open the media player, click play, click the next track button until you’re playing the rap mix. On the mixer, turn on the 3rd channel, the one with the cables plugged in (press the “on” button at the top), then click to slide the bass and mid frequencies all the way to the top. Go to the speakers and you’ll notice they’re now vibrating heavily and the key on top is moving. Wait for it until it falls and take it. Take the wine glass from near the door. Use the first key to open the door of the second room, and use the second key to open the cabinet there. Take the multi-plug from inside. Use the multi-plug on the socket near the drums to plug it in. Take the cable from the black bass guitar and use it on the blue guitar. Click the other end of the cable to plug it in the amp. Click the amp’s power cord to plug it in the multi-plug. Turn the amp on from the red switch, and click the volume and mid and high knobs until they’re turned all the way to the max. Use the glass on the amp to place it. Click the guitar strings to strum and the glass will shatter. Take the broken glass piece. Use the broken glass piece on the bass drum to tear it and you’ll find a key inside. Use that key on the door in the other room to escape the studio and win the game!

Here’s a screenshot from the game:


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