Dubai Zip Code

Dubai Zip Code

Dubai Zip CodeYou most likely landed on this page because you were asked for the Dubai zip code on a website signup form that you were filling. Whether you’re new to Dubai or you just don’t know how the postal system in the country works, you should definitely find an answer on what to use as the Dubai zip code on websites you use. When you are asked for a required zip code or postal code online, you can use one of the below codes as Dubai’s zip code and it should do the trick:

Dubai zip code: 337-1500
Alternative Dubai zip code: 337-1243

The zip codes listed above are known to do the trick, but if you’re searching for an even more precise zip code then have a quick look at the listings of the below areas. Also, for additional accurate information you might be interested in visiting the Emirates Post website, the website of the official Emirates postal service, on and contact them about any inquiries that you might have.

Here are the post codes of some more specific locations in Dubai:

Dubai Central Post Code: 337-1500
Jumeirah Post Code: 337-1500
Mumtaz Speed Post Code: 337-1243

You can actually rent a personal or business PO box from Emirates Post. If you do that, you’d have a reliable and secure way of receiving mail or packages in Dubai. Emirates Post offers several PO Box packages. In the cheaper packages, you would have to go to the post office that you rented your po box from and manually get your mail yourself, where as in the more expensive packages, you can have your mail delivered you your home or office. Rental prices range between 250AED to 750AED. You can find more details and learn more on the official website of Emirates Post:

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