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Thailand embassy lebanon

Thailand embassy lebanonHere you will find information about the Thai Embassy in Lebanon. You probably searched for Thailand Embassy Lebanon. In Lebanon, we have a Thai consulate and not a Thai embassy. The difference between an embassy and a consulate is that a consulate is more concerned with people’s matters and deals with visas where as an embassy represents the foreign country on a bigger political relations level in addition to the visas and travel matters.

If you’re looking to get a tourist visa to Bangkok or Thailand from Lebanon, you can apply for a visa at the Thai consulate.

Thai Embassy, Lebanon:
Floor -1, Samir Khoury building, Street no. 16, Mar Takla area, Hazmieh, Lebanon

Here is the Google Maps location

There are many empty places on the sides of the road to park your car there when you reach.

05 951 708

Tourist Visa Requirements:

  • Passport that’s valid for at least 6 months
  • 2 recent photos
  • Copy of flight itinerary (airline tickets)
  • Copy of hotel confirmation (confirmed hotel reservations)
  • Proof of employment (a letter of employment or official business registration documents if you’re a business owner, or student enrollment proof for students)

The tourist visa fee is $50 and takes 3 to 4 business days to be ready.

The visa application process at the Thai consulate in Lebanon is very easy, quick and convenient.

Thailand is great touristic country filled with interesting authentic culture, vibrant nightlife and fun adventures. Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is also a relatively cheap or affordable country. We highly recommend visiting Thailand. There are several cities you can visit in Thailand. The most famous 2 are Bangkok, the capital, and Phuket, which is located further south and is a lovely beach destination.

We hope that this article about Thailand Embassy Lebanon was useful to you, and we hope that you enjoy your trip to Thailand if you’re planning to go there.





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