Digital Gift Ideas

Looking for digital gift ideas that don’t involve physical goods or shipping? Here’s an interesting list of digital gift ideas. Our list includes downloads, subscriptions, and coupons. These digital gift ideas are of various types and prices, so we’re sure you’ll find something you might like. Many of these items are available on Amazon so it would be easy to just order them right away. Let’s begin:

1. Netflix Subscription

This would make a lovely gift, and your recipient will get access to hundreds of movies and series. What’s even better about this gift is that you can both enjoy it.

Price: Choose an amount between $25 – $100 | Buy on Amazon


2. Digital Music Album

Instead of buying a music CD you can buy a downloadable MP3 music album. Choose a band or genre that your recipient would enjoy, or choose something that reflects your own music taste. Check out the latest releases section and best sellers section.

Price: $5 – $18 | Browse & Buy on Amazon


3. Streaming Movie or TV Series 

Any specific movie you want your recipient to watch? Is there a specific movie they’ve always wanted to watch but still haven’t? Buy them an online streaming version of that movie. Choose from hundreds of movies & TV series.

Price: $3 – $30 | Browse & Buy on Amazon


4. Amazon e-Gift Card

If you’re unsure what to get them then why not give them the freedom to choose for themselves by getting them a gift card! You can fill it up with the amount of your choice, and they can use it on Amazon to buy whatever they like, whether it’s digital or physical.

Price: $25 – $150 or more | Buy on Amazon


5. Jimdo Website Builder Pro Subscription


Jimdo is one of the easiest and best online drag and drop website builders out there. A Jimdo pro subscription would be the perfect gift for someone who’s starting a new business, or someone who has always wanted to get a website, or someone’s who’s an aspiring web designer.

Price: $90 – $240 | Buy on Jimdo


6. iPage Hosting Account & Domain


If your recipient is an aspiring pro web designer or is an aspiring web developer, then you can buy them an iPage hosting account. It is a more pro option to pick than Jimdo, it comes with a free domain name, and lots of other freebies. Your recipient can create a website or blog using the tools found on iPage.

Price: $24- $150 | Buy on iPage


7. Coupons


You can find a diverse variety of great deals on deal sites like GoSawa and Makhsoom if you live in Lebanon or Groupon if you live in the US. You can buy those deals for friends and they’ll receive their coupon codes by email. Deals range between restaurant deals, beach deals, getaways, gym subscriptions, and many many others including products.

Price: $10 – $200 | Browse and Buy on Makhsoom (get  a 2$ bonus for signing up through this link)


8. Skrill Money Transfer


If you can’t decide what to get and don’t want to be limited to a gift from Amazon, you can send cash! Through Skrill, you can send money to your recipient’s email, and they’ll be able to withdraw it by wire transfer or through a specialized credit card.

Price: $5 – $500 | Send on Skrill


This concludes our list of 8 digital gift ideas. Hope you found this list useful. You might also be interested in our other article called 10 Gift Ideas For Girlfriend.


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