Escape The Prison Walkthrough

This is the Escape The Prison walkthrough for the Flash game Escape The Prison by Karim Muhtar. Escape The Prison is an escape the room type of puzzle game where you have to find objects and use them in order to find a way to escape the prison. The game can be played on Newgrounds or AddictingGames.


Escape The Prison Walkthrough:  

Take the blanket from the bed, and notice the tally count on the wall. It shows 2 weeks and six days, which is 20 days in total. Use the blanket on the toilet seat and flush it so the it gets jammed and water flows. Flush again so more water flows out. Click on the wall clock and wait, you will now be able to take a fork from the meal near the door. Use the fork on the light switch to open it. Click the wall clock again to wait again. Take another fork from the meal near the door. Wait again and then you’ll be able to take a third fork. Use all the forks on each other so that you have 3 attached forks. Make sure the light near the door is switched off and use the attached forks on the exposed light switch. Switch the light on. The electricity will pass through the forks and water to the door and unlock it. Turn the switch off again so you can safely open the door. If you click the door window, you’ll notice the WC is not occupied, so this means there’s a guard outside. Click the clock to wait again, the WC will now be occupied and you can exit the cell using the door. Go to the desk side, click the mouse to move it and take the key card. Use the computer, click the CCTV icon, click the pause button to pause the surveillance. On the other side of the room you’ll notice that the number on your cell door is 32158. You’ll need to delete your record before you escape, so on the pc, click the inmate records icon, click delete records, notice the current date of the PC is 30/8/2016, and we previously noticed the tally count is 20 days, and you need to add 1 to it because you’ve counted your first day and current day in the tally (30-20+1=11), so in the entry date, type 11-08-2016, fetch records, then delete record number 32158. You can now use the key card on the exit door button pad to win the game and escape the prison!

Here’s a screenshot from the game:



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