Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Asus has come up with an awesome new tablet / laptop hybrid: the Eee Pad Transformer Prime!

It’s basically a tablet that can be docked onto a keyboard-touchpad full feature dock to become a laptop… how cool is it!? I definitely see this as the next generation in tablet-laptop technology. This makes it easier to professionally work on, because typing using a physical keyboard is way easier than typing on a touch screen. This also makes it more portable and easier to take with you for presentations or when you’re on the go.


Not only that, but the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is one of the slimmest tablets on the market. It also has a cool metallic spun finish. Another killer feature is that it also has a quad core processor, meaning it’s faster and more powerful! It has the great features, a cool name, and the cool looks to go with it. Here’s a quick summary about the Transformer Prime:
– Tablet + keyboard/touchpad dock station
– Ultra slim
– Metallic finish
– 2 cameras
– 3 quad-core CPU
– 3D accelerated graphics card
– HD video playback
– USB, micro SD, and more connectivity options
– Android OS

costs as much as a new laptop

Definitely worth getting instead of a new laptop if you don’t need a laptop’s memory and processing power for your work… and definitely better and more convenient than any other tablet out there. Well done Asus.

you can read more about the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime here:



You can buy the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime from Amazon:



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