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Hypnosis: We’ve all heard about it or seen it in movies, and we’ve all had misconceptions about it…

What is Hypnosis and what is it used for?

Hypnosis is mainly used as an alternative form of therapy… here are a few things it can help you do:

Stop smoking: once and for all!
Do you smoke when you are stressed or anxious? Or you smoke just for pleasure? Whatever the reason that makes you light up a cigarette, hypnosis will deal with it. Any desire to smoke will disappear. Hypnosis will also accelerate the cleansing of your body from the toxic materials left by years of smoking. This mind-body approach makes hypnosis one of the most efficient ways to stop smoking once and for all!

Lose weight: reduce appetite and burn fat faster!
If you’re an emotional eater, hypnosis helps you discover what emotions are associated with your eating habits and free you from these emotions. Your eating habits will then become healthier. Hypnosis also helps your body burn fat much faster than it normally does so you can have the shape of your dreams!

Manage stress: live calmly and remove stressful memories!
Is stress affecting your health, your well-being or your performance at work? Then hypnosis is the right solution for you! After finding the origins of stress in your life and dealing with it, hypnosis will help you remove any stressful memories that are still bothering you. You will enjoy a stress-free life and learn to stay calm in any stressful event you might face in the future!

In Lebanon, there are several people and places that offer hypnotherapy, one of which is “Lebanon Hypnosis”.

About Lebanon Hypnosis:
After about two years of practice in France, Youssef Hariri came back to Lebanon, his homeland and created his company “Lebanon Hypnosis”. His French expertise in hypnosis helps you get the life you want!

Sessions can be provided in French, English and Arabic.
Website: www.lebanonhypnosis.com

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