Finding Your Online Income System

How can I find the best “make money online” system?

“Are you serious about making money online? You need this as one of your MSI. Check out all the information and do your due diligence.

This is what a pretty standard call to action post on Facebook looks like and most affiliates will use this form in one shape or another… so the question from most of us is why all the fuss and hype? And will it actually make me any money?

With so much choice in the home based business industry it’s easy to get lost and sidetracked looking at all the possibilities and income invites. Here’s a golden rule: if the product (and there’s always something to sell or simply advertise) has no interest to you personally, then leave it alone because you will soon get fed up talking about it. And believe me you will be talking and typing about it a lot!

Also another method is a “distractor ad” which is usually a blog or ad placed headlines like “Is XYZ product / company a scam? Read this first”.

I like these and they’re usually a good source of up-to-date information, BUT… the person writing is usually an affiliate of the said company, so their article won’t really be objective, and you will find their link on the page… BAM! You have been distracted and you’ll quite possibly use their link instead of another one found elsewhere.

So this is what we mean by “due diligence”. If what you want to sell online is a pretty simple cut-paste routine then you will not need an upline of slightly more experienced marketers. But if it’s all product-based then you will be better off with a reliable team who can help you with startup advice and in avoiding any other small hiccups that you might encounter in the first few weeks.

So it is all about what you want to promote, and with who – remember this! Your list of personal Facebook friends will quite possibly NOT join you in your new chosen line of business, and you will fall flat on your face if you think you are about to make a fortune selling or promoting to friends & family (aka. “the warm list”).

Yeah it was never going to be easy, but there are a lot of easy products to promote out there. I myself amongst others actively promote Zeekrewards, and the returns for my efforts are great. Also, not a lot is asked of you to qualify for the daily bonuses. Cut and paste 1 ad per day to get paid, and have 2 new customers each month. About as easy as it gets. And yes, there are a lot more ways to increase your daily amounts, but it’ll be too much to include in this short story. You can check it out on Facebook here:

Final thought: If it’s not fun to do… stop doing It!


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