Escape The Desert Walkthrough

This is the Escape The Desert walkthrough for the Escape The Desert level of the game Escape the Challenge by Voidkiller Studios. The level was also released as a standalone Flash game. The level can be played on Newgrounds, and the full game can be purchased from

Text walkthrough is followed by a video walkthrough… 


Escape The Desert Walkthrough:

Take the mat near the tent, use it on the pond to soak it, then use it on the campfire to put it out. Remove the mat and take the key from the ashes. Use the key to open the car trunk, get the shovel. Use the shovel on the radio to break it. Use it again on the broken radio to break the speaker and get a magnet from the remains. Go to the left and use the magnet on the sand area near the upper right find and get the second key. Use the second key to open the car door. Use that key on the car ignition to put it in. Go out of the car and use the shovel on the sand. Click the winch in the car’s front to pull it. Click the hook again to pull it. Go left and click the hook 2 times until it’s extended to the max. Go a left a few times until you find a hook in the sand. Use the shovel to dig it out and get a hook rope. Use the short hook rope on the tree. Click the other extended winch hook to connect the 2 hooks. Go in the car and press the red tow button on the left to tow the car our of the sand. Go out of the car and click the connected hooks around the tree to unhook them. You can now drive away. Go in the car and use the steering wheel to drive. Use the key on the glove compartment to open it. Take the map. Open the map and you’ll see that you need to go north  in order to reach the road. Drive right so that the Big Dipper and North Star are facing you then drive straight 3 times to reach the road and win the game.

Here’s the Escape The Desert video walkthrough:

Here’s a screenshot of the game:


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