Escape The Backyard Walkthrough

This is the Escape The Backyard walkthrough for the Escape The Backyard level of the game Escape the Challenge by Voidkiller Studios. The level was also released as a standalone Flash game. The level can be played on Newgrounds, and the full game can be purchased from

Text walkthrough is followed by a video walkthrough…


Escape The Backyard Walkthrough:

If you keep going right to the water tank with the faucet next to it, and click the faucet and open the tank, you’ll notice that there’s not water. You need to push water to the water tank on the roof, so to do that, go right until you reach the water tank with the water pump near it. Click the red valve on the right to open it and fill the first tank, click the red valve on the left to let the water reach the pump, click the switch on the wall to turn the water pump on and let the water go up to the roof tank. Go left, take the hose, and keep going left to reach the water tank with the faucet. Open the tank, use the hose on the faucet to attach it, and click the other end of the hose to place it in the tank. Click the faucet to turn it on. Click the tank’s opening, and you’ll notice that the key is now floating on the water so you can reach it and take it. Use that key to open the wooden garden shed. Take the bucket and the flammable liquid. Go to the picnic table and take the matches. Go right to the bbq grill and use the bucket on it to fill the bucket with coal. Go left 1 screen past the garden gate to the tree. Notice the dried grass leaves near its bottom. Click them to take them. Use the dried grass on the coal-filled bucket, use the flammable liquid on the bucket, and use the matches on the bucket to light up a smoky fire. Go to the tree with the beehive. Notice that the bars behind the hive are bent forming a little opening. Place the burning bucket under the beehive to subdue the bees, and click the opening between the bars to escape through it and win the game.

Here’s the Escape The Backyard video walkthrough:

Here’s a screenshot of the game:

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