Escape The Warehouse Walkthrough

This is the Escape The Warehouse walkthrough for the Escape The Warehouse level of the game Escape the Challenge by Voidkiller Studios. The level was also released as a standalone Flash game. The level can be played on Newgrounds, and the full game can be purchased from

Text walkthrough is followed by a video walkthrough…


Escape The Warehouse Walkthrough:

Go to the side with the boxes on the shelves. Move box number 21, then the one to the left of it, box then number 4. Notice that box 12 is the 3rd one on the bottom row… you’ll need this later. Move box 12, box 2, box 13, and box 11. Notice that the writing on the wall says “top 2 & 5, bottom 3”. The numbers of those respective boxes on the top and bottoms shelves are the combo to the door. 2nd box on the top is “3”. Notice that the 5th both on the top row is upside down, so its number is “9” and not 6. As for the 3rd box on the bottom row, it was originally “12” and not 2. Go to the door with the combopad lock, click the keypad and enter “3912” then press the up button to open the door. Notice the yellow vests hanging on the wall, click the 2nd vest from the left to bring it out, and click on its pocket to get the key. Go to the second room and use the key to open the locker in the other room and get the crowbar. Go to the side with the pallet mover, click the pallet mover to move it away, click the crate to push it aside, then use the crowbar on the pallet to dismantle it to pieces. Turn around and take the hammer from the shelf. Use the hammer on the dismantled pallet to remove the nails. Click the wooden planks to take them. Use the nails with the planks, and use the hammer on them to create a ladder. Use the ladder on the shelves side that has a missing box on the top shelf to place it. Click the top 3 boxes on that shelf from right to left to move them and take the key. Use that key on the forklift to turn it on, click the steering wheel to go forward, click the lever to lift the crate, and click the steering wheel to move back. Click the switch on the wall to open the garage door, go right and click the open exit to win the game.

Here’s the Escape The Warehouse video walkthrough:

Here’s a screenshot of the game:

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