Escape The Gym Walkthrough

This is the Escape The Gym walkthrough for the Escape The Gym level of the game Escape the Challenge by Voidkiller Studios. The level was also released as a standalone Flash game. The level can be played on Newgrounds, and the full game can be purchased from

Text walkthrough is followed by a video walkthrough… 


Escape The Gym Walkthrough:

Turn left towards the lockers, open locker 16 and get the plug adapter. Use it on the socket near the treadmill, and plug the treadmill in. Press the power button on the treadmill to turn it on and you’ll note that the number on the screen is “132”. If you try this number on the lockers with the number combination locks, you’ll find out by trial and error that this is the combination to open locker 14. Open it and take the key from inside it. Take the dumbbell from near the shoulder press machine, and take the other dumbbell from near the cable machine, and return each dumbbell to its respective place on the dumbbell rack (the 3kg dumbbell to the “3” holder, and the 10kg dumbbell to the “10” holder). You’ll notice that there are 3 missing dumbbells: 8, 5, and 7. These digits, “857”, are the combination to open another locker. By trial and error, you’ll find out that this combination opens locker number 05. Open it and take the key from inside it. Use this key on locker number 09 to open it, and take the scissors from inside it. Go to the shoulder press machine, push the weight pin out of the weight rack of the machine, and cut its cord using the scissors to take the pin. Go to the cable machine. Take the handle from the right side and use it on the cable hook of the left side. Use the weight pin on the left side weight rack placing the pin right above the card (on the 50kg weight). Pull the handle to lift the weights and take the access card. Use the access card on the card access machine to open the barrier door, and use the key that has a ring on the door to open it and win the game.

Here’s the Escape The Gym video walkthrough:

Here’s a screenshot of the game:


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