Our 10 Best Rock Albums From 2018 & 2017

Music was a big part of my life. I lately felt like something was missing from my life… and I realized that the thing that was missing was new music! I hadn’t updated my playlist since 2010, so I decided to go ahead and buy some new music. I looked up some of my favorite bands from back in the day and did some research. I realized that many of those bands were now either inactive, or their new music just didn’t sound good. Luckily however, I was still able to find some really good new albums for bands that I used to love. I also discovered some new artists along the way. Keep in mind that my favorite type of music is rock and its sub-genres. Here are my picks for 10 best rock albums from 2018 & 2017 in random order:


10. Linkin Park – One More Light (2017)

This was Linkin Park’s final album before Chester passed away. It’s slightly mellow, but it’s still really good. It has some interesting new sounds. Most of the songs tackle sad/emotional topics or themes. Our favorite song from the album has to be hit single “Heavy”. We are definitely going to miss this band.


9. Greta Van Fleet – Anthem Of The Peaceful Army (2018)

You’ve probably already heard about this young up and coming rock band. Yes, they’re the ones who sound exactly like Led Zeppelin. Their catchy song “Highway Tune” went viral a while back. It’s not included in the album, but the other songs are still all good and consistent in quality and style, just maybe not as catchy as Highway Tune.


8. Falling In Reverse – Coming Home (2017)

Falling in Reverse still sound good as they did back in the day. They still maintain a pop-punk/post-hardcore style. The album starts with the slow yet powerful and ultra catchy song “Coming Home” and then diversifies into faster songs. That song is our second favorite on the album, with our favorite song on the album being “F* You And All Your Friends”.


7. Hoobastank – Push Pull (2018)

The songs in this album by alternative rock band Hoobastank are smooth and consistent. This album is not as catchy as their older albums since no particular song stood out, but it’s still an ok one and it made our list. It feels fresh and new.


6. Incubus – 8 (2017)

This is the 8th studio album by Incubus. We were delighted to find out that Incubus still sounds just as good as they did in the past. Their style is still similar, and their songs sound energetic and fresh. Although there were no songs that particularly stood out as super catchy, the songs are all consistent in quality. A must-have for any Incubus fan.


5. Papa Roach – Crooked Teeth (2017)

Not a bad album by Papa Roach. Not really heavy like their older albums, but more similar to the recent few albums they released. Our favorite song from the album is “Crooked Teeth”. Still enjoyable for a fresh new Papa Roach vibe.


4. Paramore – After Laughter (2017)

Definitely one of our favorite albums from these past 2 years. Paramore have shifted away from their old emo/alternative style into a new pop/indie style. I thought I was going to be disappointed at first since I loved their old style, but I was so wrong. This album is uplifting. All of the songs on this album are great. All of them are super catchy and fun. It’s hard to pick a favorite song from the album because I have like 6 super catchy favorites. If I absolutely have to pick favorites then I’d pick “Hard Times”, “Caught in The Middle”, and “Rose-Colored Boy”. Actually if you can imagine a  modern, fresh, pop-ish version of “Tragic Kingdom” by No Doubt, this album would be it.


3. Silverstein – Dead Reflection (2017)

I was happy to find out that Silverstein still maintains their old post-hardcore/screamo/hardcore punk style. The album is quite diverse in style and has some great songs, but not all the songs on the album are hits like their early album “Discovering The Waterfront”. One song however, stands out above all the rest as the absolute best one, and it’s definitely our favorite. The song is “Ghost”, and it has the catchiest chorus of all. I heard it once and it got stuck in my head. I’d like to see Papa Roach cover that song because it also suits their style. Our second favorite song on the album would be “Aquamarine”, which has a more emo style.


2. Three Days Grace – Outsider (2018)

This album is a treat to the heavy alternative rock genre fans. When I first listened to Bit, the album made me happy. That is because I find out that Three Days Grace is still as good and as heavy as they used to be. They still sound like they used to, and their songs and all good. Our favorite song on the album is “Infra-Red”. It is ultra-catchy, and has just got to be one of the best rock songs of the year. Our second favorite song would be “The Mountain”.


1. Atreyu – In Our Wake (2018)

This album has received mixed opinions among Atreyu fans since the band kind of changed their musical style, but we believe it is one of he best albums of the year. Bands evolve… get over it. Atreyu has evolved and changed their style into a more mature and less heavy rock/alternative metal style… and it’s great! The album is quite diverse, and contains some great ballads as well as heavy songs. Alex’s vocals have come a long way since the band’s early days. His singing on this album is just flawless. All the songs on the album are good, and it has many catchy hits. My favorites would be the super catchy 1st song “In Our Wake”, “House of Gold”, and “Terrified”.


These were our 10 best rock albums from 2018 & 2017. Do you think there are some other albums that we might also enjoy and add to this list? Lest us know!



Feel like listening to something totally different?
Here are our 3 Favorite Rap Albums from 2018 & 2017:


Eminem – Kamikaze (2018)

Eminem’s last 2 albums are better than the last few previous ones. In Kamikaze, Eminem mostly goes on the offensive against mumble rappers. It’s refreshing to know that real rappers still exist and make damn good lyrical rap.


Eminem – Revival (2017)

Revival is a bit more diverse and melodic than Kamikaze. Eminem’s songs in revival cover more topics, and feature more female singers. I’d probably rate this one as the better album. The album is like a story… Make sure to listen to the last 2 songs on the album till the very end. No spoilers.


Cardi B – Invasion of Privacy (2018)

You must have heard of her… Cardi B has been all over the media this past year. My curiosity led me to check out her album. To my surprise, I was totally impressed… This artist is legit good! She’s not just the funny crazy personality that you see on TV. All the songs on the album are good. Absolutely all of them are super catchy! This definitely has to be one of the best albums of the year. Cardi mostly talks about her story and life in her songs. If we had to pick favorite songs from the album, which is hard because all the songs are good, we’d pick “Get Up 10”, “Be Careful”, “Ring”, and of course the catchiest hit song of all: “Bodak Yellow”.



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