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You probably came here because you were asked for the Lebanon zip code on some website form you were filling. We don’t really use zip codes in Lebanon since unfortunately we don’t have a complete reliable postal system in the country. Nevertheless, when we are asked for a mandatory zip code or postal code online, we can use the below for Lebanon’s zip code and it should work out:

Lebanon zip code: 2038 1103
Lebanon zip code: 2038 3054

The above zip codes are known to work, but if you’re looking for a more accurate zip code then you might be interested in looking at the below area listings. Also, for more accurate information you can visit the Liban Post website, the official Lebanese postal service’s website, on www.libanpost.com and contact them with any questions you may have.

Here are the post codes of some specific areas in Lebanon:

Hamra, Beirut Postcode: 1103
Riad el Solh Postcode: 1107
Mazraa Postcode: 1105
Achrafieh Postcode: 1100
Chouran Postcode: 1102
Mar Mikhael Postcode: 1104
Basta Postcode: 1101
Mathaf Postcode: 1106
Palais de Justice Postcode : 1109

Jdeidet Matn: 1202
Jounieh: 1200
Antelias: 1201
Burj Hammoud: 1203
Byblos: 1401
Ain Aar/Elissar: 1207
Bickfaya: 1205
Rayfoun: 1206
Broumana: 1204

Airport/Tahwitet el Ghadir: 1001
Baabda: 1003
Ghoubeiry: 1002
Choueifat: 1500
Aley: 1501
Chehim: 1504
Beiteddine: 1503

Saida: 1600
Sour: 1601
Nabatiye: 1700
Marjayoun: 1701
Jezzine: 1623
Tebnine: 1702
Hasbaya: 1704

For a more comprehensive listing, visit this site.

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