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AnimaShooter Capture Review (Stop Motion Software) 

In search of the best stop motion software, we downloaded, purchased and tried several different stop motion software. We found out that the best tool that has high cutting-edge advantages is AnimaShooter Capture.

While some of the other stop-motion software in the market have their advantages and are powerful tools, in this review, we will look at the advantages of AnimaShooter Capture.

Capture Overview

AnimaShooter Capture is a high-end, professional, and easy to use software for making stop-motion movies. This software is mainly compatible with Canon DSLR cameras and similar cameras. You can then take still shots of drawings, characters, clay or even sand forms, and make your own stop-motion animation. Stop motion movies in brief are movies made by placing a set of still images after each other to create a certain flow sequence. To get a better idea of how a stop-motion animation would look like, take a look at this video.

AnimaShooter Capture can be synced with any Canon camera and get remotely controlled from any PC. AnimaShooter Capture has a “Live View” option that allows you to view all the images being captured in real time.


  • AnimaShooter Capture supports all Canon features such as: Control of Shutter Speed, ISO Control, Aperture Control, Image Quality, FOcus Control, Depth of Field Preview Control and other features.
  • AnimaShooter Capture has a very friendly user interface
  • AnimaShooter Capture works on the go. Simply plug-in your camera via USB cable and get AnimaShooter Capture remotely synced with your camera.
  • You can export your video to most common video extensions
  • Price is low compared to competitive products
  • Many different features in the software to give the best flow in stop-motion video creation


  • AnimaShooter Capture is only highly compatible with Canon cameras.



stop-motion-softwareAnimaShooter Capture deserves a modest 9.8 out of 10 for software in the stop-motion movie creator category. I have never had so much fun making a stop-motion video. AnimaShooter Capture was so easy to use. There are built-in functionalities that are specialized in stop-motion video creation which makes it really easy to get the desired effect.


I highly suggest you buy AnimaShooter Capture… it is a good investment. You can buy the AnimaShooter Capture stop motion software now by clicking here. Note: you will be taken to the AnimaShooter checkout page on (the parent network) and it costs around $48.

BUY NOW from Avangate ($48)





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